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Wedding season is around the corner and as Indians we celebrate our Weddings with great spirit and enthusiasm, but what makes a wedding even more special. Yes, you got it right a Wedding Cake. A wedding cake might be just as much a symbol of a marriage ceremony as the bride’s dress. Newlyweds mustn’t end their big day with confections covered in dainty frosting roses. The wedding tradition should start with a sugary and sweet Cake. The most popular kind of cakes that are sold in anniversaries are rose-type cakes. However, things seem to be changing lately. If you are looking for ideas for a wedding or anniversary, here are some of the options you can go for- Read More….


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Today we are going to make something special and different. We are going to make a breakfast which will lift your mood. Pancakes and waffles would do the trick anytime at our house and you children will love it. I tried to use healthy ingredients for example- whole wheat pastry flour for the fibre content, some Chia seeds for omega 3 fatty acids and protein, more of banana and less sugar. Now let’s focus on the ingredients to make Pancakes Read More….


Hello! My Lovely Friends!! Today, I am going to share delicious recipes with you after a long time, I hope you like this recipe!!

I was wandering in the baking aisle for no reason as always and laid my eyes upon this apple bran muffin mix. I have never baked using store-bought muffin mix up until then. I immediately scanned the ingredients and what? Did I see it right? How can a store-bought mix be this healthy without any added preservatives or artificial ingredients?

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the list of ingredients in the muffin mix Continue Reading


Online Cake Delivery in Delhi

Hello everyone !! wish you a very happy valentines day. To make your day more special i have come up with something brand new for you guys.

Cakes are classic without which most celebrations are incomplete and if the Cake is Customized it makes the occasion even more special. Delhi being a steadily growing Planned city has picked up this trend too. This sweet tooth tendency of Delhi people have opened a whole new world of Baking Industries.

So now seizing this opportunity have started selling cakes and other confectioneries using Digital Platform. The attractive thing about is one can buy varieties of cakes and even can have a preview of it. provide even mid-night delivery anywhere in Delhi in 2-3 hours.

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Hello Everyone !! We’re each of the somewhat unusual and life’s somewhat odd and when we discover somebody whose strangeness is good with our own, we collaborate with them and fall in common abnormality and call it LOVE. Valentine is an ideal day to indicate how much that individual intend to you. You would prefer not to pass up on a solitary chance to demonstrate to them the amount they intend to you. One of the principal things that always trouble us even in this affection season is to choose for that ideal blessing that will illuminate and convey a wide grin to your accomplice face. Visit and put in a request immediately for online blessing conveyance in India.


The Gold-Plated Rose is a Symbol of Love and Beauty and a remarkable present for any Woman. The Gold rose is a handmade Mable produced using a Real Rose chose at the pinnacle of its Beauty. It is safeguarded in a finish shell and afterward plated in unadulterated 24K Gold by talented craftsman’s to make an amazing showstopper. Each rose is stand-out, interesting and everlasting, much the same as your adoration.


To show your love and care to your better half, a champion among different ways would be a Mug with a photo of you together. By this startling gift a smile on the face love in the eyes can make the day ground-breaking for you. On the off chance that your accomplice is attached to espresso than you can’t turn out badly with this photograph espresso cup. All you have to do is simply give an excellent picture to that you need to complete printed and everything is by us for you.


Presents for True Lovers Sweet present for Valentine’s Day, If you need to give an amazement, our sentimental rose blessing box is your best decision. About the Soap Fragrant rose hand cleanser can successfully restrain the development of destructive microorganisms and improve your resistant fitness. You can appreciate the shower with fragrant healing petal, which builds the enjoyment of shower and makes your skin progressively soggy and smooth. Visit and put in a request immediately for online blessing conveyance in Delhi or Noida.


This pad L (10-11 inches) x W (10-11 inches) flawlessly printed with your image is smart and eye-getting and will look phenomenal in any room of the house. Aside from this we likewise give customized printed bed sheets which are an ideal blessing on the off chance that you are love bird or a hitched couple. These blessings will help you to remember those affectionate and valuable recollections you have treasured together. We additionally give home conveyance at your doorstep.


Medium Valentine Card, 50 red roses in Yellow paper pressing and Dreamy Creamy Pineapple Cake Gift this thankful combo to somebody who is near your heart. This excellent blend of Pineapple cake, red roses and a welcome card will without a doubt expedite a charming grin the substance of the collector. Simply tap on your program and scan for Online cake conveyance in Delhi or Noida.


Indeed at we named this combo as Cute and Romantic Surprise. This lovely Heart Shape Flower course of action of 24 Red Roses with 6 inch adorable teddy is essentially the absolute best blessing decision. Green fillers around red roses is making it additionally engaging blessing. Attempt to choose for the ideal course of action that makes it to a greater extent a customized blessing. Request it for midnight bloom conveyance for an astonishing shock. We guarantee for the glimmer quick conveyance.


These adorable love miniatures are the a standout amongst the best and special present for this Valentine’s. These affection miniatures are extraordinarily planned by us and we guarantee you this blessing will quickly make your accomplice go gaga for all of you over once more. Visit to view it and you can’t prevent yourself from putting in a request. Request it for midnight blessing conveyance for an astounding astonishment. You should simply give us the location where you need it to get conveyed.


A tasty Photo cake is an ideal present for any individual who needs to hypnotize their friends and family on their exceptional minute. You can have any photograph, scene, subject, or logo on the highest point of a lip-smacking cake of wanted flavour and size. These image prints are produced using yummy palatable printing hues and are newly heated by our master culinary experts. All you have to do is simply send a sweet image of that individual and your unique cake is prepared. Request it for an online cake conveyance in Noida or Delhi.

Roses N Chocolates Delight

Why not give your adored one both the alternative of treating their taste buds just as get charmed with the calming scent of roses with this brilliant bundle of chocolates and roses. It is a lively blend of hues and liberal chocolates. There is stating more is always better and it genuinely applies on this combo.

Visit to investigate additionally gifting thoughts. Sending a Gift has never been so natural. You can choose your preferred course of action and we will convey at it on time at your ideal location. We guarantee for that day conveyance. It will be an astonishing shock when your accomplice will get these delightful blessings. Go for our online cake delivery in Noida and Delhi, in the event that you need to give them amazement. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or recommendation than, visit our site and give us your significant input.

Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single

Romantic Valentine’s Day festival is much awaited by those in love but dreaded by singles!! So much is the hype about the festival that some singles even become depressed about not having a partner several days before the festival when they see stores decorated with candies, chocolates and flowers to lure the ones in love. Sometimes the sense of isolation becomes so strong that many singles tend to “hate Valentine’s Day” – the day that is actually meant to celebrate love.

Singles can make the most of Valentine’s Day by spending the day in the company of those they love or by indulging themselves with something luxurious. Here are some tips and ideas on how singles can celebrate the Valentine’s Day in charming and memorable:

Freak out with friends- Plan out a dinner or movie with best friends. You may also throw a “singles party” or “Un-Valentine’s Day Party” at your home and have a blast. You will know that life is fun in the company of loving friends.

Acts of service- Singles can spend Valentine’s Day in the meaningful way by spending time with the needy and downtrodden. You may visit an orphanage or old age home and spend time with the inmates there who are always in need of love and affection. Visiting hospitals and giving roses to sick can also be a touching way of experiencing bliss on Valentine’s Day.

Express Gratitude for friends and dear ones- Instead of feeling depressed and ashamed for not having a significant other to spend the day, singles can spend Valentine’s Day in a constructive manner by expressing love and affection for people around them. One can thank and greet Valentine’s Day to one’s parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors or anyone dear.

Think Positive- Singles can make the most of Valentine’s Day by thinking positive and fighting away Valentine’s Day blues. One should not spend the day sulking for not having a spouse or beloved to spend the day in a happy manner.

Pamper yourself- Buy yourself cute Valentine’s Day gifts which could be flowers, a cute teddy buy cake delivery in Gurgaon or a dress you have been planning to buy since long. Singles may also indulge themselves by going in for spa or head to toe beauty treatment. Keep yourself busy or you can watch your favorite movie at home with your siblings.  

Teddy Bear is a Token of love

Teddy Bear is an emblem of cuteness and incorruptibility and it helps in symbolizing the tenderness of the heart which is always in the search of love and affection. Teddy day is celebrated mostly by young couples who have started experiencing the purest feeling of the Universe that is “LOVE”. It is celebrated on fourth day of the valentine’s week and it falls on 10th of February. Some of the old and married couples also celebrate this day by exchanging teddies.

On this day beautiful teddies are gifted to the loved ones as a symbol of love. People also share lovely and hearty teddy messages and SMS on teddy day to wish their neighbors, family, friends, girlfriend and boyfriend. People wish each other through various platforms like by sending text message, emails, Whatsapp messages and various other. Theses teddy day messages often include a picture of soft and cute teddy which brings in cuteness and innocence in the relationship and rejuvenates the faith that one has developed into the relationship over the years. Some of the hearts touching Teddy day messages are:

  • A cute Teddy Bear, for my cute friend on a cute occasion. Just to say I am ‘beary’ lucky to have you in my life.
  • You always reside at the deepest corners of my heart.
  • Keep this thread of love between you and me as soft as this teddy.
  • Sending a teddy to my cutest cuddly beloved who is certainly my life.

Girls particularly are lured by receiving a teddy on this day or any special day of their life, so what if the day itself is a teddy day? Boys and boyfriend wander around crazily finding the suitable shop offering the best teddy with love messages they can convey to their girl without saying anything. There is special place for teddies in the heart of a girl irrespective of the age group she belongs to.           

Couples start this day by sending and receiving lovely teddy day gifts followed by partying and exchanging teddies and ending up proposing and saying I Love You to their partners. People send cute teddies to their wife, friends, spouse and friends online if they are located at some far-off place. Teddies are most liked by girls, children and women and so male friends or boyfriends and husbands gift it to their partners across the world. Some also decorate their rooms with a number of beautiful teddies to surprise their sweetheart which instead of making the person happy also create sweet memories. Teddies being sweet and cute have the power to placate the anger and make a positive difference to ones mood.

Even though, teddies are not real they do not have a real voice or a real heart and are just stuffed and prepared but they are still full of love and affection. They say everything that people in love want to say to their partners without the use of words and make them happy by freshening up their moods. Some people are in love with teddies so much so that they cannot imagine their bedrooms without teddies.

Make yourself ready to receive the cuddly, furry & lovely teddy via the! If you want to buy luxurious teddy, you can buy teddy according to your choice by visiting this link cake delivery in Gurgaon!!